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Photowalks with Annalize Mouton

Here are the first of our planned photographic courses. Watch this space for announcements about weekend workshops, landscape excursions and more!

By popular demand. Thousands of people follow her work, now you can share in the magic!
8 practical/instructional photowalks in Stanford with award-winning photographer Annalize Mouton.
Adults (R120 per walk) = R960; school-going kids = R640
Maximum 8 people per walk, 5 minimum.
Choose from Tuesdays @ 9:00 or Thursdays @ 4:00:
• start Tuesday: 23 Oct – last walk 11 Dec
• start Thursday: 25 Oct – last walk 13 Dec
(Or join on both morning and afternoon walks for 4 weeks as they will cover different routes.)
Any camera, even a phone camera, and no technical knowledge is needed. If you do happen to know a bit about photography, then that’s great, but the real benefits will lie in learning to look at the world in a very different way, being aware of it in ways you have never been before.
Walks will i.a. touch on… portraits, street scenes, reflections, flowers, macro, textures & shapes, architectural detail, etc.
Contact Annalize on FB Messenger, Whatsapp on
072 375 1466 or e-mail
to book and to arrange payment
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